October 13, 2007

Armin Van Buuren / Ooooze Pool Party @ AGEHA

MAGNIFICENT 07 – Armin van Buuren

-featuring Ooooze at the Water Bar-


October 13th (SAT)

ageHa @studio coast

OPEN : 23:00 – LATE

DOOR: 4500yen

3000yen Special Ooooze Discount (Limited 250)


[ARENA] –trance-

Armin Van Buuren (ASOT 2007 / Holland),

Remy (68 Recordings / Holland)



[WATER BAR] Ooooze  –funky tech, electro, minimal house-

TECH BOOTY FUNK (Carlos Gibbs / Laurent Novatin of Red Box / US)

DJ Mattie (Elektro Slave – Sweden)

Satoshi Otsuki (光響/ TRES VIBES)


[ISLAND BAR] Tokyo Girls Lounge

Kyoko (Circus/ Up Beat!/ Funk A Stone!)

Yukina (Euphoria)


Pole Dance Show: REIKO / PiPPi / KEI / KUMI


[TENT] JzTrance presents “Psychedelic Lounge”

@raki (JzTrance)

BNBN (TranceRink)

Cap (SUN-UP)

Yoshihide (JzTrance)



記憶に新しい6/2 PaulVanDykの時の、あのプールの興奮を今また。前回もプールエリア開場の12時からいきなり満員&最高潮に!!そのバイブスのままずっと朝まで駆け抜けた『Ooooze Poolside Party』。








Next Saturday the 13th, we return to the Pool at Tokyo’s bay-side cavernous club Ageha, where hundreds danced until dawn in June. We fully intend to repeat the episode!


This time, the world’s number two-ranked DJ Armin van Buuren will be spinning in the main Arena alongside Remy, also from Holland. Meantime, the Ooooze crew will be throwing another one of our infamous House events around the swimming pool with 4 special DJs, each pioneers of the funky tech, minimal sound in Tokyo: duo TECH BOOTY FUNK, MATTIE and SATOSHI OTSUKI..


For those who have been before, you will know the Pool is the place in Ageha to be!

In total there will be 4 areas with 4 sounds, including an exclusive pole dance show by Reiko, PiPPi, Kei and Kumi.


This will be the spectacle of the year. Hope to see you there! copyright 2010 all rights reserved.